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Thank you for your interest in supporting your students to take part in Back to School Day. You’re joining thousands of teachers across five continents who are helping their students to be active global citizens for the world’s most marginalised children. This page has all the resources you need to register your school, invite your local decision maker and run an interactive activity on the day for Decision Makers Back to School, 2017.

We will be updating this page with 2018 events in the new year. 

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    We've designed a pack that tells you all you need to know in order run an event and invite your local decision maker. To find out more about how to get your school involved, download your country's resources here:

    Pack Icon Back to School Day pack

    Activity iconDownload the Activity and Teacher’s Notes here:

     Factsheets to support the activity:

    Is your country not listed? This is the first year Desicion Makers are going Back to School and next year, even more countries will be taking part. If you want to get involved, contact backtoschool@100million.org.

    Download this video to play in your classroom here!

    100 Million

    Whether or not you can take part in Back to School Day, you can get involved in the 100 Million campaign. Click here to learn more!