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Decision Makers

Thank you for your interest in taking part in Back to School Day, 2017! It is an exciting chance to be part of a global moment giving you, and decision makers around the world, the opportunity to hear from young people first hand the importance of ensuring every child is free, safe and educated.
Have you had an invite from a school? Would you like to make sure Back to School is happening among those you represent? Use the resources below to register your involvement, invite schools to take part and find more out more about the campaign.

If you aren't able to join events this year, we'd love to have you onboard in 2018! Keep an eye out for more information in the new year. 

Want a school to take part? Invite them using the template you can download here. 

 Invite template

100 Million

If you are able to take part in Back to School Day or not, you can get involved in the 100 million campaign. Please click here to learn more.


Register your interest here and see what schools are taking part in the area you represent: