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In Chile, Corporación Opción were joined by regional ministerial secretary Elia Piedras. Students and young members of Corporación Opción led a session exploring the barriers that children face around the world in achieving their right to be free, safe and educated.

On 25th October, Corporación Opción held a meeting in congress where 15 young people led the Chamber of Deputies through a lesson on the rights of all children to be free, safe and educated. The event was filmed by the Congress Broadcast channel and can be watched here.


On the 16th October, the Back to School Day programme was organised in Barguna district, in southern Bangladesh, where Honorable Member of Parliament Advocate Dhirendra Debnath Shambhu went back to the school he attended.


Students, young people, decision makers and thought leaders were together discussing some of the most pressing issues facing young people in Brazil and around the world today. 

Events were attended by Tania Dornellas, a social activist representing Fórum Nacional de Prevenção e Erradicação do Trabalho Infantil (FNPETI), Daniel Cara, general coordinator of the Brazilian Campaign for the Right to Education, Deputy João Carlos Bacelar Batista and Senator Lídice da Mata. 




In Togo, with support from the Ministries of National Education, universities, colleges, high schools and primary schools took part in holding events across the country. You can read more about their events here.


MPs visited schools in their constituencies throughout the UK and over 5000 students signed up to take part in the activity. Registrations are still coming through and more events will take place before the end of the year.


Sweden had visits happening from politicians to 41 schoosl throughout the country, including three government ministers: Gustav Fridolin - Minister for Education, Helene Hellmark Knutsson - Minister for Higher Education and Research, Anna Ekstrom - Minister for Upper Secondary School and Adult Education and Training.

The Minister of Foreign affairs, together with the leader of the youth sector of Sweden’s major political party has declared that education for all will be their priority for the coming year (news article).


During the month of October, schools will learning about the 100 million children currently denied their right to be free, safe and educated. Schools are supporting students to be active citizens, and how to share their passion and ideas for a better world directly to elected officials. US activities will be focused on refugee children.

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